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From small boutiques shopping strips to major shopping centres – Specifiers, Facility Managers and Property Owners have chosen a Clevertronics emergency lighting solution to ensure they are maximising luminaire lifetimes and simplifying ongoing compliance . 

When specifying the correct emergency lighting system for Retail applications, it is important to consider maintenance costs and the complexity of compliance. Clevertronics knowledge and understanding of retail environments, demonstrates our significant experience in delivering fit for purpose emergency lighting systems. 

Emergency lighting is essential for a safe illuminated path of travel during an evacuation, so regular testing and maintenance is required. Retail buildings provide specialised facilities where vital functions are carried out. Therefore, careful planning is required to specify and install the right emergency lighting system. One of those considerations is the lifetime of the emergency lighting, as ongoing maintenance can be highly disruptive to the building’s operation. 

Clevertronics has two key ranges to choose from depending on the objectives of your project such as extending light fitting lifetimes and reducing maintenance costs. Our LP Premium range provides an eight-year lifetime and 50% maintenance saving, whereas our L10 Nanophosphate, offers an incredible 12-year lifetime and 80%+ maintenance saving. Retail projects designed with longevity in mind have removed maintenance concerns after installing the L10 Nanophosphate range, as it’s exceptional 12-year lifetime provides both peace of mind and in most cases, eliminates regular maintenance during this period. 

Many retail sites are large and therefore, a simple automatic testing and monitoring system is required to ensure the emergency and exit lighting is working as prescribed. Zoneworks has long been the system of choice across the commercial sector. Easy to install and operate, it features a single controller and no other backbone hardware. Zoneworks XT HIVE makes it simple to upgrade existing sites, extend into new development areas or install from scratch. The system utilises a self-dynamic meshing technology that connects lighting across the site. Retail sites are ideal for HIVE as it can skip from building to building without the use of additional hardware or antennas.  

Zoneworks XT HIVE offers the most advanced testing and monitoring system for all retail projects. With Zoneworks XT HIVE, testing is completed at the touch of a button, and our complimentary lifetime support is offered to ensure the system is working as specified. 

Clevertronics are world-class specialists in emergency lighting and we have the experience and knowledge to help upgrade or install a new emergency lighting system in any retail facility. Explore our case studies below or get in touch with our team for further information on how we can assist you with your next project. 

Rockingham Centre

A two-stage upgrade of the site. Stage 1 would be the replacement of all emergency & exit lights in the mall areas, where stage 2 would cover the back of house areas, plant rooms and the undercover car park.

Coles Group

We have programmed the system to self-test every six months, as per our compliance obligations and, at that point, all the technician has to do is check each fitting to see if the LED is displaying a pass or fail indication.

What emergency lighting solution is best suited for Retail

When considering the best emergency lighting solution for your facility or project it is important to consider two key areas; luminaire lifetime and compliance testing. Increased lifetime will provide lower maintenance costs and automated testing provides fast compliance reporting and reassurance that your life safety devices are in working order.

Luminaire Ranges

• 8+ Year design life

• 50% Maintenance savings

CLP Premium is a lithium Iron phosphate powered range that suits projects looking for a product that has an 8+ year design life. Based on proven site performance the CLP range will deliver over 50% maintenance savings compared to NiCd and NiMH equivalents making it a great choice to improve emergency lighting outcomes.

• 12+ Year design life

• 80% Maintenance savings

L10 Nanophosphate is the world’s leading emergency lighting range that is designed for projects that require the ultimate 12+ year solution. Based on proven site performance the L10 range will deliver over 80% maintenance savings compared to NiCd and NiMH equivalents making it not only the best, but also the lowest total cost option on the market

Emergency Lighting Systems

• Self testing luminaires

• Emergency lighting app 

Clevertest Plus System combines self test fittings with an Emergency lighting compliance app that allows the user to collect test data and produce online reporting for each site. All standard CLP and L10 luminaires are CTP enabled at no added cost.

• Monitor & test emergency lighting remotely

• Lifetime system support at zero cost

Zoneworks® XT Hive is a fully featured emergency lighting monitoring system that is suitable for medium to large sites where the flexibility and efficiency of a completely automated and computerised system provides maximum advantages.

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