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Clevertronics has a single minded focus on delivering the world’s best and innovative emergency lighting solutions.

The innovation culture at Clevertronics has been strong over the past 20 years, which is demonstrated by the release of game changing products and systems that have changed the emergency lighting world.

Our innovations are across our entire product portfolio, including luminaire design, leading lithium battery ranges and world-class testing systems. 

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LED Lifelight

January, 2008

The LED Lifelight was the first flat head recessed emergency light to enter the market. This introduction provided a more aesthetically pleasing approach to emergency lighting which had until then used a curved pressed steel casing with a halogen lamp protruding from centre.

UK_Lifelight Head & Ring Separate_12

One Box Exit

January, 2010

There are many different directional arrows and pictographs used in exit lighting. Prior to 2010 each directional option was sold as single unit which created issues in availability and also the incorrect sign being used. The Clevertronics One Box Exit provided a solution by designing and creating an exit with all the directional options in one box.

One Box Solution Decals

L10 Nanophosphate

June, 2012

Clevertronics’s introduction of lithium Battery technology was one the biggest game changers in the emergency lighting market globally. After years of research testing and development the L10 range of lithium emergency lighting hit the market in 2012 making a massive impact to lifetime, maintenance costs and improved compliance in buildings.

Clevertronics L10 Optimum Logo
clevertronics emergency lighting L10 lithium nanophosphate

Advantage Lifetime Support

July, 2013

Emergency lighting systems had bad reputation for being under utilised, rarely working properly or just too complicated to use. This was true until Clevertronics developed the ALS program. Every Zoneworks system that is installed comes with a free support program for the life of the system. Training, software upgrades, technical support and regular checkin’s to ensure the system is operating as expected.


Emergency POD

One of the keys to ensuring maximum life of emergency lights is to ensure heat is efficiently dissipated or removed from the battery location, especially in linear battens. Clevertronics developed the POD design, which isolates the emergency lighting component away from the heat of general lighting componentry and seamlessly is combined at the end of the luminaire. Less heat, longer life.


June, 2016

The future of exit lighting is dynamic. Traditional emergency signs are not always noticed in an emergency and cannot adapt to the circumstances of an incident or a changing threat environment, even if they are directing people into potential danger. Clevertronics and world leading researchers from FSEG developed the most advanced Green and Red X dynamic exits in the world.

CleverEVAC Dynamic Exit Signs
CleverEVAC Dynamic Exit Signs

Clevertest Plus System

December, 2016

Despite our connected world, the vast majority of new installs continue with manually tested fittings and paper-based compliance reports which are time-consuming, inefficient, often inaccurate and difficult to access. To overcome these issues, the Clevertest Plus System brings automatic testing, in a cost effective way via self test fittings and a dedicated app to manage the testing and compliance records

CleverTest Plus CTP
clevertronics st vincents ctp scan

24V Temporary Lighting

Emergency lighting on a construction site requires a flexible and safe solution. The Clevertronics 24V temporary lighting system achieves this through a 24V SELV system. The system includes a variety of flexible cable lengths, splitters and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries to ensure long life span.

Zoneworks XT HIVE

January, 2020

The introduction of Zoneworks XT HIVE was a significant milestone for the emergency lighting market as it redefined the way emergency lighting is designed, installed and managed. XT HIVE is smarter and more advanced than any other system on the market by reducing the backbone hardware requirements to a single RF controller and managing the communication with dynamic self-managed meshing technology. Lower cost, faster reporting, easy to remain compliant and safe.

clevertronics emergency lighting icons zoneworks xt hive
Hive on desktop and mobile

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