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How to build your spec

  1. Log-in or register to your CleverSpec account or get started without one.
  2. Access your CleverSpec from the left side tab on the web pages, or in the top right menu.
  3. Create project from your CleverSpec page to get started.
  4. Add a title & details like notes, luminaire schedule data, custom products and other documents to your spec.
  5. Add products from our technical documentation search or product pages.
  6. Add images from our gallery or product pages, or import your own.
  7. Make sure you save your changes before moving away from the page or finalising your project.
  8. Finalise your project to add it to your specifier account.
    All specs require a unique title and need to be saved before finalising your project.
  9. View and edit your project in your specifier account.

By creating a Clevertonics Clever Spec Account / using the Tool, you confirm that you accept and agree to comply with the terms of use.