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The lowest cost emergency
system on the market

The Clevertest Plus (CTP) system is designed to provide building owners and electrical contractors with a cost-effective and thorough means of managing emergency lighting, without adding any cost.

The Clevertest Plus System will provide more accurate testing by ensuring no fittings are missed during a logbook test. Despite our connected world, the vast majority of new installs continue with manually tested fittings and paper-based compliance reports which are time consuming, inefficient, often inaccurate and difficult to access. To overcome these issues, the Clevertest Plus System brings automatic testing, site management and compliance reporting to the mobile world; your accurate site information will now be available where you want it and when you want it.

Features and Benefits of the
Clevertest Plus System

The Clevertest Plus System (CTP) allows you to manage installation compliance with ease, saving you time and money.

Step 1

Activate the CTP self-test function on each luminaire and put fittings into test.

Step 2

Use the CleverSparky app or the CleverSparky web interface to build your site database.

Step 3

Collect test results and repair or replace any failed fittings.

Step 4

Create log book, maintenance and device reports via the app or web interface.

What do I need for the Clevertest Plus System?

Support Videos

New CTP Installs (<15 Fittings)

New CTP Installs (>15 Fittings)

Upgrading to CTP (<15 Fittings)

Upgrading to CTP (>15 Fittings)


Clevertest Plus System Operation Guide
Clevertest Plus Quick guide
How to set up a CTP system and use the CleverSparky app – without using the LED scanning feature
CTP System Installation register
Setting Up / Managing the CleverSparky Web App

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